Every gamer or practically anyone with an internet connection has heard of Among Us, that I can almost bet all my money on. Even though no introduction is needed (since it is indeed one of the most played video games in world right now), I’ll give you a short, brief introduction for the 1 percent of the readers who are left in the dark.

among us, character, green

What is Among Us?

Among Us is a 2D, colorful game with a space-theme. Some might say the game graphics seem a bit plain, but for the majority of the people, including myself, it really adds a special charm to it in a way. It’s a multiplayer game where you can choose to either play with friends or with random people online.

Good Guy or Bad Guy

The game Among Us randomly selects 1-3 players to be “impostor(s)” and the remaining players are so called “crewmates”. Both “teams” have tremendously different missions and tasks to complete, making the game feel like it’s a “good guys vs. bad guys” kind of vibe.

Playing as a Crewmate

Crewmates’ objective in Among Us is to complete various tasks on the ship, while at the same time keep their eyes open for dead bodies as they run around the ship or if they notice anything sus (suspicious). If they spot a dead body, they have the option to report it, allowing a discussion with all players (including impostor(s)) to take place. After the discussion ends, all players are obligated to either vote a person out or skip. An emergency meeting can also be called by crewmates to report on anything sus. Crewmates can win the game if they mage to complete all tasks or if they vote off the impostor(s).

One impostor this time, who could it be?

Playing an Impostor

No one, other than the impostors themselves, knows who or how many impostors there are in the game. The goal for impostor(s) is to sabotage causing chaos and kill as many crewmates as they can. One advantage is that after a killing, they can quickly jump in and out of the ship’s vents, escaping unnoticeable, well…most of the time. It’s considered a victory for the impostor(s) when the majority of the crewmates have been killed.

Impostor killing crewmate

Thoughts After Playing Among Us

Firstly, let me say, I had so much fun playing the game! Even though playing as a crewmate was exciting and scary at some times (I was afraid of getting killed by impostors), playing as an impostor was even more fun! Especially whenever you would get away with a killing. I guess it is just fun being a bad guy sometimes. *evil laughter*

I found it difficult in the beginning to know where all the rooms were located. I also noticed the importance of remembering the name of each room. Whenever there was an emergency meeting or when a dead body was reported, people would quickly ask “where?” along with “any sus?”. So, if you were the one who reported that body and you forgot the name of the room where the body was found in, you are sus to them and they will, cold heartedly, vote you off. I’m speaking from own experience here and it’s just plain cruel.

Trying to figure out who the impostor is

Among Us is available on all kinds of platform now, presumably due do to its huge gain in popularity. Platforms including Nintendo Switch, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Android, Xbox One. The multiplayer game can be found on Steam for less than $5 with almost 500k reviews, mostly
rated “Overwhelmingly Positive”! It’s a fun game to play with your friends or anyone really. If you’re playing solo q you’ll get to know lots of people who are interesting to say the least.